Fencing Solutions for Business Owners

Our family-owned and operated commercial fencing company is proud to serve businesses and business owners in Indiana. We have one of the largest selections of commercial fencing and residential fencing options and materials in the area, with different types of fencing to suit all of your business needs.

Call our Indiana fencing experts today to discuss the ideas and questions that you have about adding commercial fencing to your business or residential fencing for your home.

Commercial Fence Solutions

Whatever your needs are for fencing around your business, we can meet them. Our fencing experts will visit your business' property in-person to help you select the best fence for your business' specific fencing needs.

Security Commercial fencing in Indiana

Security Fencing

Security and privacy are the top two reasons that any and every business needs a high-quality fence. A secure fence gives your business the ability to keep your property safe. Commercial fencing gives your business another added layer of defense and privacy against unwanted guests, passers-by, and intruders.

Security Fencing
Privacy Commercial fencing in Indiana

Privacy Fencing

Privacy is one of the top reasons that businesses look for high-quality fences. Whether you sit adjacent to other businesses or a residential area, having the ideal fence around your business and the materials you need for your office provides the privacy that you need and deserve.

Privacy Fencing
Pool Commercial fencing in Indiana

Pool Fencing

Commercial grade fencing is essential for your pool for both safety and privacy. Substandard fences not only lack the ability to give owners privacy while using their pool area, but can also be a liability. We provide world-class pool fencing solutions that give your pool fence the same look from inside of your pool as the outside.

Pool Fencing
Decorative Commercial fencing in Indiana

Decorative Fencing

Fencing is not only great for Security and privacy but also provides a nice and functional way to spruce up your commercial space. We have a large selection of gorgeous styles of decorative fencing that you can choose from.

Decorative Fencing

Types of Commercial Fencing

Two of the most popularly used materials for commercial fencing are vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing. When you choose a commercial fence with us, we offer a lifetime warranty and your fence will be virtually maintenance-free for the entire lifetime that you have your fence. The aluminum and vinyl materials that we use for our fences not only maximize Security, but look great as well.

Chain Link Commercial fencing in Indiana

Chain Link Commercial Fencing

Our commercial chain-link fences are very popular and since they range from anywhere between 3 feet and up to 8 feet, they are a good choice for security when needed. Chain link fencing is easy to install and very cost effective.

Chain Link Fencing
Aluminum Commercial fencing in Indiana

Aluminum Commercial Fencing

Many business owners prefer Aluminum fencing because it looks great and it is low maintenance. It requires very little maintenance, which makes aluminum fencing ideal for the fencing around your business.

Aluminum Fencing
Vinyl Commercial fencing in Indiana

Vinyl Commercial Fencing

Thinking about vinyl fencing? We carry ActiveYards vinyl residential and commercial fencing for all of our Evansville, Indiana customers, as well as surrounding towns in Indiana and Kentucky.

Vinyl Fencing
Residential fencing company in Indiana

Why Choose Mr. Fence for Your Residential Fencing Project

Indiana's Leading Fence Contractor

We have provided homeowners in and around Vanderburgh County, Indiana with safe and beautiful fencing since 2006. We are an authorized ActiveYards fencing dealer in Evansville, Indiana, and as such have access to the latest in fencing innovations.

We are a local company with a great reputation. We have earned the trust of Indiana residents because of our commitment to excellence. Carrying only great quality fencing manufactured by ActiveYards makes our job a lot easier!

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We have consultants who can answer all your questions about installing fences in evansville, IN.

Commercial Fencing Applications

There are a large number of applications for commercial fencing. From privacy to beautification to Security - business owners need to know that the fence they choose is up to the task.

Common Applications of Commercial Fencing

Here are some of the most popular ways we've helped commercial clients in Indiana.

  • Security fencing for a building
  • Fencing for a tennis court
  • Batting cage fencing
  • Fencing for dumpsters
  • Fencing for utilities
  • Ballfield fencing
  • Security barrier fencing

Options for Fence Installation

We offer full-service fencing sales and installation to our customers in Indiana and parts of Kentucky. However, we understand that many of our customers like to install their fences on their own. If that's the case, we even offer DIY fencing solutions for our customers. Our fencing experts will give you the guidance and instructions you need so you can do it on your own.

DIY Commercial fencing in Indiana

DIY Fence Projects

Want to install your fence on your own? We can help with that too. If you need any guidance or get stumped anywhere in the process, or experts give you their pro tips and tricks on how to assemble your fence in the smoothest and easiest way possible.

DIY Fencing
Commercial fencing with professional installation in Indiana

Professional Fence Installation

If you would like our team to install your fence for you, contact our fence experts so that we can tackle the project. We'll come out to your property to take measurements and handle 100% of the fence installation and clean up. All for an affordable price.

Professional Fence Installation

Learn More About ActiveYards Fence Solutions

ActiveYards Overview

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer of ActiveYards Commercial Fencing for Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding areas. Learn more about why we chose to partner with ActiveYards ... and why it's also a great choice for your next fencing project.

We are authorized dealers of ActiveYards, for both or commercial fencing and residential fencing customers. Continue reading for why we choose to partner with ActiveYards over other companies out there, and why they provide some of the best options on the market for your fencing project.

Commercial Fence FAQ's

Here are answers to some of the common Commercial fencing questions we have received from our customers. Hopefully they will help answer your questions as well.

Commercial fences in Indiana Commercial fencing options in Indiana fencing solutions for Indiana residents fencing solutions for Indiana residents fencing solutions for Indiana residents

What should I ask before I invest in a fence?

What is the warranty? Who is, and how long has the manufacturer been in business? What is their track record? Is it made in the US?

Will your fencing meet local pool codes?

Most of our Pool styles will meet local codes; however, there are some exceptions. Keep in mind that nearly all the Privacy styles meet the standards as well.

Will Mr. Fence and ActiveYards systems follow a curve?

Yes, all styles will curve to some extent by directing the panel towards the intended direction. You will need to be the judge of how far it will stretch without compromising the look

Can I install ActiveYards systems on decks and patios or attach to columns?

Yes. However, there are additional parts and procedures. We suggest you consult with a MR. FENCE consultant for assistance by calling 812-425-3550.

Can I put a gate operator on my ActiveYards fence?

Yes. All ActiveYard styles and some chain link and wood styles can support a remote gate operator, with slight modification in some cases.

Mr property isn't flat. Will your fencing leave big gaps under each panel?

No. All MR. FENCE and ActiveYards systems are designed to follow the grade.

Does ActiveYards have a transferable warranty?

Yes, a lifetime warranty can be reviewed on our warranty page or at www.activeyards.com. Keep in mind that warranties are only as good as the company. ActiveYards is backed by a stable, long-term organization with an excellent customer service track record.

Do you have to put all the posts in concrete?

Yes; however, in some cases, it is the contractor's choice in regard to the specific conditions of the job. MR. FENCE uses a special hole and packing procedure that we have developed during our 19 years of installing fences. This procedure reduces the likelihood of frost heave caused by the freezing and thawing of the ground during seasonal changes.

What is the fencing made of?

Some ActiveYards styles are made from co-extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC); the balance is made from extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish.

Why do you offer a good-better-best option?

Because the greatest cost differentiators are in the basic product engineering, which can be modified without compromising the quality and performance. This way you have several choices to get the style you want and don't have to settle for something that will rot or rust.

What precautions should I take to protect my aluminum fence in the winter?

Aluminum fencing does not require any preparation for winters in the Evansville, Indiana area. Aluminum can withstand snow and freezing temperatures much better than a wood fences or even wrought iron.

How Do I Clean My Fence?

Soap and water. It is recommended that you wash white fences at least every 24 months for maximum beauty

Can Mr. Fence add on or build around my current fence?

This depends on the type and condition of your current fence. ActiveYards fences can often be modified and changed to add on new features or swap out old rails. Contact Mr. Fence fencing contractors and tell us the age and type of the fence you currently want to work around. We can help you to plan your fencing project right here in Evansville, Indiana.

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We have consultants who can answer all your questions about installing fences in evansville, IN.

Most Popular Styles of Commercial Fencing

Here are some of the most popular choices of our Commercial Fencing options - as selected by our customers across dozens of communities in Indiana.

Popular Commercial Aluminum Fence Amethyst Drop Rail Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Aluminum Fence
Amethyst Drop Rail
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Aluminum Fence Granite Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Aluminum Fence
Granite Style
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Aluminum Fence Marble Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Aluminum Fence
Marble Style
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Aluminum Fence Granite Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Aluminum Fence
Granite Style
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Vinyl Fence Semi-Privacy Selected by our Indiana Residents

Vinyl Fence
Arrowwood Cambium Style
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Vinyl Fence
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Vinyl Fence Split Rail Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Vinyl Fence
Split Rail Style
Commercial Fence

Popular Commercial Vinyl Fence Arrowwood Style Selected by our Indiana Residents

Vinyl Fence
Arrowwood Style
Commercial Fence