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Cloverport Kentucky homeowners and business owners trust Mr. Fence with all their fencing needs. Our team of fence experts can help you plan every step of your fencing project.

Many homeowners prefer to have us measure, order, and install their fence. This is a great option because you know your fence will withstand the harsh weather that is common in Cloverport. However, some residents prefer the "Do-It-Yourself" option. If that is your approach, we are still here for you! Our fence experts can help you plan your project, making sure you order the right quantity of fence panels and gates and have the instructions you need.

No matter how you prefer to work with us, you can be assured that Mr. Fence stands behind our work and every fence that we sell with the best materials and knowledge around.

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Nobody knows fences like we do! When you have questions or need information about the fence you're designing, let our team help you out. We know the Cloverport Kentucky area and can help you find the right answers for you!

Residential and Commercial Fencing in Cloverport KY

At Mr. Fence, we offer a wide range of fencing options for both homes and businesses. Even though many of the same materials can be used for both types of fences, there are some differences that make a residential fence different from a commercial fence in Cloverport KY.

Cloverport Kentucky residential fencing company

Cloverport Kentucky
Residential Fences

We wouldn't have been known as the best fence company in the Cloverport area if we didn't have a wide range of high-quality residential fencing options! We offer wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum as some of the materials that can be used for residential fencing. We have styles and colors that are both contemporary and traditional, as well as everything in between. For residential fencing options that will work perfectly for your Cloverport KY location, whether you want high security, complete privacy, or a beautiful addition to your home, explore the selection our professionals provide.

Cloverport Residential Fencing
Cloverport Kentucky commercial fencing company

Cloverport Kentucky
Commercial Fences

Mr. Fence has become one of the most reliable sources for commercial fencing in Cloverport and Kentucky because we offer a wide range of commercial fence products to meet any need. Most commercial fences are built to meet a higher level of security needs than residential fences, and they can be bought with a stronger grade of fence material. Most people think of chain link fencing when they think of a fence around a business. However, other materials like aluminum, vinyl, or even wood can be used depending on the situation.

Cloverport Commercial Fencing

Which Type is Right for Your Cloverport Property?

So you've decided to install a fence - but which one is the best for your needs? There are many beautiful and strong fence styles to choose from in Cloverport! All of our types come with options you can customize, so whether you go with wood fencing, vinyl fencing, aluminum fencing, or chain link fencing, you can enjoy all the benefits of a durable, long-lasting border!

Vinyl Fences

We love to install vinyl fencing for homes all across Cloverport! Why? Well, check out the best features of low maintenance and flexibility as well as durable material that will not rot or warp. You can choose a vinyl fence that looks a bit like wood, one that's fully private or open, and customize the height and color. If you're looking for privacy fencing for your pool, vinyl is a great material that will not be damaged by the constant contact with water and will not fade in the sun.

Aluminum Fences

Elegance is word that describes aluminum fencing uniquely amount other fence types we install in Cloverport. It is a lightweight metal that is strong and coated with a protective layer to prevent wear and tear. Most often, aluminum fences are painted black, but you can check out other colors and many styles we carry that will fit your pet safety, pool safety, or decorative needs.

Wood Fences

For unmatched natural beauty choose a wood fence for your Cloverport property. Safety, privacy, and decoration can all be attained with a wood fence. It is so versatile it can work in nearly any size or shape yard and can be painted or stained to any color of your choosing.

Chain Link Fences

When your main goal is economical fencing, go with a chain link fence! Not only is the steel mesh and posts a strong, durable fencing, but you can choose styles in black or green and even add privacy slats, if you prefer.

Types of fences we install in Cloverport KY

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The Mr. Fence Difference: A Passion for Fencing!

At Mr. Fence the passion we have for fencing shines through every project we complete.

As a locally owned business, we take pride in creating beautiful spaces in the Cloverport area, creating satisfied customers over and over.

We believe that a professionally installed, high quality fence should really last a lifetime so we provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on every finished job we do in case of the rare occasion when repairs may be needed. The high quality fence products we use are also covered by manufacturer warranties that cover even more, so you can have peace of mind!

For a company you can trust with extensive experience, high quality trained professionals and an outstanding reputation with each of our customers, come to the leading fence company in the Cloverport area and see for yourself how Mr. Fence can build a beautiful fence for you!

The Mr. Fence Difference in Cloverport Kentucky Fence Installations

Privacy Fencing for Cloverport

Homeowners and business owners in Cloverport may choose from a wide variety of privacy fence types that look wonderful and endure for a very long time. One of our favorite types of fencing to build is privacy fences!

Cloverport Kentucky wood privacy fencing

Cloverport KentuckyWood Privacy Fences

One of the best fences you can choose to install for privacy is a beautiful vinyl fence. Not only are vinyl fences low maintenance and long lasting, but our high quality vinyl fences are built to fit together perfectly. You can choose your height and style in full privacy or even semi-privacy styles.

Cloverport Wood Privacy Fencing
Cloverport Kentucky vinyl privacy fencing

Cloverport KentuckyVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences in Cloverport are a great way to maintain since they need little to no maintenance, ensuring that they will look great and hold up for many years to come. It's understandable why vinyl fences are a well-liked way to achieve privacy!

Cloverport Vinyl Privacy Fencing

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Best Types and Styles of Wood Fences in Cloverport and the Tri-State Area

Wood fences are a popular choice for residences around the Kentucky, Cloverport region because of their natural look and ability to be customized into almost any design. Cloverport residents have a broad variety of fence styles to choose from, and we've gathered a list of the most preferred.

Cloverport KY Shadowbox style wood fence

Shadowbox Design Wood Fences

In Cloverport KY, this kind of wood fencing is attractive from both the inside and the outside, and it comes in both horizontal and vertical styles. Both the horizontal and vertical installation options include boards that alternate on each side of the fence. It's perfect for neighbors who are splitting the cost of the fence since both sides have the same attractive design.

Cloverport KY stockade style wood fence

Privacy Style Wood Fences

Traditional wood fencing in Cloverport KY is available in a number of forms, including board-on-board and privacy stockade. You may choose between a dog ear, flat top, scalloped, or wave for the fence's top, based on your own preferences. Also, the boards may be adjusted in height from 4 feet, all the way up to 8 feet tall.

Cloverport KY Spindle Top style wood fence

Spindle Top Style Wood Fences

If you want your wood fence to have the effect of decorative fencing, you may achieve this effect by installing a wood privacy fence with a decorative spindle top, creating a touch of openness for your wood privacy fence. This not only improves the look of your border but also helps you create a part at the top of your fence that still lets in some light and air.

Cloverport KY horizontal style wood fence

Board on Board Style Wood Fences

For pickets that are placed tightly together, with no gaps, choose a board on board style wood fence. You can even complete the design of your wood privacy fence by giving it a "cap and trim" style. This accents the edges and gives it a more finished appearance, while protecting the edges of your new fence.

View ALL Cloverport Wood Fence Styles

Buying a Fence Has Never Been Easier than 1-2-3

We have made it simple for people in Cloverport to buy a fence. Since 2000, the Mr. Fence team has been putting up fences and is ready to help you. Shop our wide range of styles and types of fencing.

Call us and let's get started on building your fence together!

Buying a Cloverport fence - Step 1

Our Fence Styles and Options

You can shop for both residential and business fences in Cloverport Kentucky, and think about all of your options. We only sell high-quality fencing that can stand up to the weather and climate in Cloverport KY.

You can also come see us at Mr. Fence in Cloverport KY, or set up a meeting with us at your home. We will do everything we can to make the whole process of building your fence easy and stress-free.

Buying a Cloverport fence - Step 2

The Best Fence for your Space

With help from Mr. Fence, you can choose the materials and grades for your fence and make changes to the design. We have a lot of great fencing options for you to choose from, based on your budget and how you want your fence to work.

Our expert fence consultants can help you choose a strong, long-lasting fence that fits your project's needs.

Buying a Cloverport fence - Step 3

Choose DIY or Professional Installation

Putting up a fence in Cloverport KY has never been easier, whether you want to do it yourself or use our many years of experience and let us do it for you. If you do decide to install it yourself, we are here to help you if you need it.

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Homeowners and business owners in the Cloverport area can utilize our free online estimator tool to discover the best fence to fit their budget and needs. You can, too! Get started by clicking the link and you'll have a quote in minutes.

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Every fence we install in Cloverport and across the state of Kentucky comes with a workmanship warranty on our installation. We stand behind our team and our work! On top of that, each manufacturer we use offers specific warranties on their fences based on the type and style. Speak to our team for more information on the fence you're looking to buy.

Yes! In order to get the fastest fence quote at your easiest convenience, use our online fence estimator tool to plot out and compare types of fences you are considering. You can also give our office a call and speak to one of our friendly fence pros to get started on a quote tailored just for you!

The most popular fence for property owners in Cloverport completely depends on the reason and use for each specific situation. For those looking for privacy, wood fences and vinyl fences are the most popular options. If looking for low maintenance, often vinyl fences and aluminum fences are chosen. The most important thing is getting the fence that fits your own unique design preferences and fencing needs. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution!

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