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If you live in McCutchanville, Indiana or own a business in the area, Mr. Fence is here to help! We can provide info and solutions for your new residential or commercial fencing project. We are proud to be local and happy to serve our customers in McCutchanville area.

Our technicians are skilled with installing different types of fences. We know all about local codes and fence laws in McCutchanville, Indiana. Mr. Fence carries the best fence materials and accessories. There are many products to choose from, including materials and accessories but we will help you make the best choice for your space and budget.

Top Benefits to Installing a Fence in McCutchanville, Indiana

There are many benefits to installing a fence along your property. You will likely have these in mind as you're fence shopping in McCutchanville, Indiana.

  • Increase Safety with Security Fences
  • Privacy from Neighbors and Street Traffic
  • Keep Kids and Pets in the Yard
  • Decorative Addition/Curb Appeal
  • Gated Entry
  • Pool Fencing
  • Mark your Property Line

Residential Fences in McCutchanville, Indiana

It's easy to find beautiful examples of residential fences when driving through various neighborhoods in McCutchanville, Indiana. We can take credit for installing many of these fences over the years. Browse our photos to see different types of residential fences we've installed. We can achieve many different styles to match your home and purpose. Aluminum fences and vinyl fences are strong and versatile in design and surprisingly affordable. Iron, wood, and chain link fencing are great options, too. Explore your options and choose a favorite style to compliment your yard.

Commercial Fences in McCutchanville, Indiana

There are many businesses around here that use fences to protect, secure, and accentuate their commercial properties. We see gated security fences around hospitals like Evanville State Hospital to deter unwelcome visitors. We see chain link fencing around the public schools and colleges to keep students safe. Many local banks, offices, and apartment buildings are secured behind gated fencing. The most exclusive golf courses and residential neighborhoods are guarded with a strong fence, hence the term "gated communities." If your business property doesn't have a fence, it may be time to call our McCutchanville, Indiana fence company to make arrangements.

Legal Info and Fence Codes

When you hire an established McCutchanville, Indiana fence company like ours, legal requirements are not a concern. Mr. Fence keeps up with every law and code that has to do with installing and maintaining fences. However, if you’re building your own or hiring an independent fence installer, you must research these things to prevent future compliance issues.

Local Pool Codes

If you’re installing a fence around your pool, there are rules for the state and town where you’re located. Research how far the fence must be from your property line, how high the fence must be, and what the rules are for locking and latching the gate. HERE is a good place to start for McCutchanville, Indiana pool fences.

State Laws

You are free to put up a fence on your property in most cases but there are some rules concerning property lines and neighbors. Check out the requirements for a partition fence and also look into what they called a “spite fence” where you’re encroaching on your neighbors’ space or view. Find out more about these local fence laws HERE.

How to Buy and Install a Fence

You have three options for buying and installing a new fence.

  • EASIEST and BEST:Buy a fence at a full-service Fence Company like Mr. Fence and get it installed professionally. Work with our local experts for help choosing the right type of fence and make sure that it’s built to last a lifetime. This is the best way to ensure that the job is done right and your fence will stand up to all types of weather.
  • MORE AFFORDABLE: Order a custom fencing kit, like those made by ActiveYards, and gather some friends to help put it up. You can find ActiveYards dealers all over the country but Mr. Fence is the only authorized dealer in McCutchinville, Indiana area. This option is best if you want a high-quality fence but don’t want to spend money on installation.
  • MOST CHALLENGING: Do it yourself. Buy materials at a hardware store or a lumber yard and go build a fence the old-fashioned way. This is a great option if you have the skills and the time to tackle the project. If you want to build your own fence and need some information or assistance, we’ll gladly lend our expertise!

Searching Online for Fence Companies

Finding a list of local fence companies is easy, but you’ll save time by focusing on the name that shows up first. Mr. Fence is a popular choice, a reputable name, and we’re usually listed as number one for “McCutchansville, Indiana fence Company” on search engines.

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