Pool Fences

Pool Fence Benefits

The strong and beautiful pool fences by ActiveYards® meet most legislated and HOA regulations. When you buy one of our ActiveYards® fences, you can relax and enjoy your swimming pool knowing that the safest recommendations are met.

Pool Fence Features

Our pool fences can be installed anywhere, no matter the shape or size of the property. We can work with uneven ground levels to secure your space. With the durability and beauty of our pool fences, you will love spending time poolside knowing there is a lifetime warranty covering your investment.

Maintenance and Care

The less metal you have in your pool area, the better! Our premium line of pool fences has minimal hardware, so you will not have to replace rusty nails or screws! Also, thanks to the SolarGuard treatment, theses pool fences are protected from sun bleaching so can avoid repainting!

Pool Fences

Pools are for relaxation, not worry. ActiveYards® aluminum and vinyl fence panels meet the most stringent pool safety codes. We want to keep you and your family safe and still stylish. Pool safety is a must, and safety can be synonymous with style when it comes to ActiveYards®' pool code-approved fences. ActiveYards® recommends selecting a aluminum or vinyl fence that gives you a clear view from your home or yard, yet still provides a safe and secure boundary.

Certain styles of ActiveYards® vinyl and aluminum fences are pool code approved at the national level. It is important to keep in mind, however, that codes do vary by state and locality. We recommend checking the pool code requirements in your area prior to choosing your ActiveYards® aluminum or vinyl fence.

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Aluminum Fence

Vinyl Fence