Wood Fences


Each picket is shaped like a dogeared shape.


The top edge of the pickets is scalloped between posts.


The top edge of the pickets is arched between posts.


The top edge of the pickets is cut in a rolling wave.


The pickets attached to the horizontal rails in a pattern that alternates from front to back.

Lattice Top

A section of lattice sets between the middle and top horizontal rail.

Custom Cut

Combine styles or design your own. If you can imagine it, we can build it.
4' up to 8' tall
Rackable (Fence follows the contour of the ground leaving no gap between fence and ground)
Stainable in a variety of colors

Wood is a lot like a sponge. It naturally absorbs water. But wood doesn't absorb water evenly. That's because some areas of wood contain higher amounts of sap than others, and sap prevents water absorption.

As wood absorbs water, it swells, and because of differences in sap concentrations, it does so unevenly across the panel. As the wood dries out, it shrinks, again unevenly. Over time, this uneven swelling and shrinking causes the wood to cup, curl, warp, buckle and split.

A new wood fence should have a UV protectant water repellent type stain applied within two weeks of installation if possible to protect the wood from absorbing water. This is true for all types of wood, including pressure treated wood, which only protects against rotting.

Stains come in clear, traditional wood tones, and a variety of colors to coordinate with your home. MR. FENCE can do the task for you, so you can spend your time enjoying your new fence.

Not Sure About Installation? We are here to help.

MR. FENCE offers the following installation options to meet your budget and priorities.

Let Our Pros Install Your Fence

At MR. FENCE, we believe your experience should be as simple as possible, and we are pleased to offer a full service package. This includes everything from coming to your home to measure your yard and discussing our wide portfolio of fencing products, all the way to providing complete professional installation services. You are also welcome to stop directly into a showroom to browse our extensive offering.

Do-It-Yourself Made Easy

We have everything you need to install a fence yourself. The EZFence2Go system has been designed with you in mind to make it easy to select and install the right fence. Stop by the MR. FENCE ActiveYards® showroom and shop all of our products and receive expert advice on your fencing project.

Have Your Own Guy?

Want our great products and have your favorite handyman to install it for you? We're here to help. You or your guy can order our products and arrange for an in-store pick up or quick delivery. Just give us a call.

We Supply Wholesalers Too

MR. FENCE supplies quality products and know-how to contractors and wholesalers at competitive prices. And, we offer on-site delivery.

Design and Estimate Your Project

Draw your fence over satellite imagery of your property. Automatically calculate dimensions, material needs and pricing. See a virtual view your fence.