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Everyone knows how to search online for a Richland City, Indiana Fence Company. You can use search engines like Google or Bing - or give voice prompts to your smart phone: Ask Siri! Finding a list of local fence companies is the easy part, but sorting through it to choose the best local dealer can be a time - consuming task. Usually, people focus on the top two or three names on the list. Mr. Fence is a popular choice for customers in Richland City area. Our reputable name usually shows up first when you’re searching "Richland City, Indiana Fence Company" because our showroom is right down the street!

#1 Richland City, Indiana Fence Company

If you live in Richland City, Indiana or own a business in the area, come on down to see Mr. Fence! We have valuable info to share plus we'll provide the products and services you need to get a new fence installed. We are glad to be local and always ready to help customers in the Richland City area with their residential fences and commercial fencing projects.

Our fence technicians are experts and we have experience with installing many different types of fences. Aluminum fences, vinyl fences, iron, wood, and chain link fencing are some of the materials to choose from. We know all about local codes and fence laws in Richland City, Indiana and we can help you make the best choice for your space and budget. That's why we are the #1 Richland City, Indiana Fence Company!

Residential Fences in Richland City, Indiana

Mr. Fence is responsible for many of the nicest residential fences you'll see while driving through various neighborhoods in Richland City, Indiana. Our website features photo galleries to show off the range of beautiful residential fences that we’ve installed. It is possible to achieve many different styles to match your home and purpose. Explore your options and choose a favorite style to compliment your yard.

Styles of Decorative Residential Fences

  • Barberry
  • Buckeye
  • Chestnut Stepped
  • Chestnut Scalloped
  • Crossbuck
  • 2-Rail Ranch
  • Tupelo
  • Mulberry
  • Primrose
  • Silverbell

Top Benefits to Installing a Fence in Richland City, Indiana

There are many benefits to installing a fence along the border of your property. You will likely have some of these things in mind as you're fence shopping in Richland City, Indiana.

  • Security Fencing will increase security and deter trespassers
  • Privacy Fencing will block visibility from neighbors and street traffic
  • Fencing in your yard helps to keep kids safe and pets where they belong
  • Decorative Fencing will accentuate your outdoor spaces and add curb appeal
  • Gated Entry gives you control over who enters your home or business
  • Pool Fencing ensures that unsupervised swimmers won't gain entry to your pool
  • Partition Fencing establishes where your property line begins and ends

Legal Info and Fence Codes

When you hire a professional Richland City, Indiana fence company like Mr. Fence, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to legal requirements. We keep up with every law and code that has to do with installing and maintaining fences to make sure your fence is fully compliant.

Still, you may be curious about the local laws and codes surrounding fencing installation. Below are some resources where you can read up on the topic:

Local Pool Codes

Pool fences are a delicate issue and are required in most states for pools over 18" deep. If you’re installing a fence around your pool, research how far the fence must be from your property line. There are rules about how high the fence must be, and mechanisms for locking and latching the gate.

Here is a good place to start for Richland City, Indiana pool fences:

State Laws

If you're a property owner in Richland City, Indiana you are largely free to install a fence. Just be aware of your property line and your neighbors' space and view. Check out the requirements for a partition fence and avoid putting up a structure that would be considered a "spite fence."

Find out more about these local fence laws HERE

Explore Your Options with Mr. Fence

Mr. Fence is located nearby on Burkhardt Road and you’re welcome to stop by during business hours. We can show you samples of the fence materials and colors, along with photos of finished fences in many different styles and layouts. Or, if you want to get a free customized estimate, we will come to you! Call us at 812-425-3550 to arrange for a meeting with one of our fence specialists.

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Mr. Fence is the best choice of any Richland City, Indiana Fence Company. Fence installation or repair, our technicians will do the job right. We’ll help you with residential or commercial fencing at a reasonable and affordable cost.