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Vinyl fencing in Evansville indiana

Vinyl Fences Are a Great Option!

Our Vinyl Fencing comes with a lifetime warranty and maintenance-free care.

Mr. Fence has a large portfolio of ActiveYards® vinyl fencing options to choose from. All Haven and Home series privacy vinyl fence panels feature ActiveYards' exclusive Glidelock® technology to ensure the boards lock tightly into place without any gaps.

ActiveYards vinyl fences not only meet privacy, protection or pool code needs, but they also increase curb appeal and add years of value to a home.

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Closer Details of Vinyl fence in indiana

Vinyl Fencing - Superior Engineering

Vinyl fencing is engineered and manufactured to be awesome. Depending on the specific style you choose, here are some of the major features.

Hidden Attachment Points

Vinyl fences are secured invisibly. No visible screws or other attachments. Our vinyl fences are manufactured for ultimate beauty.

Beautiful & Durable PVC Plastic

Our vinyl fences are molded from durable PVC plastic. The color is not just a coating but runs through the entire product ... so the color never fades or scratches off!

Thick Vinyl Walls

Our vinyl fences are manufactured with thicker vinyl than many other vinyl fences. This means they will offer stronger, long lasting protection - which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty!

Explore Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing is very popular popular in the Evansville Indiana region. Let's explore the features and the benefits of vinyl fence so you can learn why your neighbors are choosing vinyl fencing for their homes and businesses.


Vinyl Fence Benefits

We feature ActiveYards® exclusive GlideLock technology to ensure the boards lock tightly into place without any gaps. Our vinyl fences not only meet privacy, protection or pool code needs, but they also increase curb appeal and add years of value to a home.


Vinyl Fence Features

If you want an easy but beautiful fence that is also environmentally friendly, look no further than our vinyl fences. In the long run, less material needs to be used to create replacement fences because vinyl fences can last 3 to 5 times as longer than certain types of wood fences.

Black Vinyl Fencing!

The first black vinyl fence and black vinyl railing system to successfully pass rigorous testing for high-temperature performance.

Mr. Fence is proud to sell and install the industry's most awesome black vinyl fence. It's the quality you would expect from Mr. Fence, with the unmatched style that can only come from black vinyl.

Explore Black Vinyl Fencing

ActiveYards® Series Vinyl Privacy & Semi-Privacy Fences

ActiveYards vinyl privacy and semi-privacy fences offer an incredible combination of strength, affordability, and style. Our strong, attractive, customizable vinyl fences are built to last for decades.

Mr. Fence Islander Series Vinyl Fences

Our Islander Series white vinyl fences offer an incredible combination of strength, affordability, and style.

Practical Applications of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular installation for a wide range of properties across the tri-state area.

Residential VinylFence - Evansville, Indiana

Vinyl Residential Fencing

Vinyl fencing around your home and yard can provide styles that can mimic the look of wood or other types but with some additional benefits. Easy to keep clean and long lasting without fading in the sun, vinyl fencing is a great way to boost your security or privacy for yourself and your family.

Commercial vinyl Fence - Evansville, Indiana

Vinyl Commercial Fencing

Businesses can even benefit from vinyl fencing with its ability to create strong borders and enhanced aesthetics. Install a vinyl fence in the front of your business for a tastefully, welcome improvement or in the back for privacy and security.

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Common Ways to Use Vinyl Fencing

With all of the specific ways fencing can be used, there are a few reasons vinyl fencing is especially great for all kinds of properties.

vinyl privacy fencing in Evansville, Indiana

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Vinyl fencing is one of the best, low maintenance ways to create full privacy for your yard. Once you choose a design that matches your preferences, we can install your privacy fence and give you the satisfaction of peace of mind in your own space that will last year after year.

vinyl pool fencing in Evansville, Indiana

Vinyl Pool Fence

Since your town or region will most likely require a secure fence around your pool, choosing one that will stand strong and last a long time is important. Vinyl fencing can be used for pools whether it's a privacy design or an open style.

vinyl Decorative Fencing in Evansville, Indiana

Vinyl Decorative Fence

Not only do vinyl fences create secure, strong spaces, but they look great doing it! With all of the style options out there, there's no doubt you can find the perfect match for your specific property. Our fence team is experienced in helping you make the best choice for you.

Special Order Decorative Vinyl Fences

The following vinyl fence styles are currently special order items only.

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Special Order Vinyl Pool Fences

The following vinyl fence styles are currently special order items only.

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Special Order Vinyl Privacy Fences

The following vinyl fence styles are currently special order items only.

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Special Financing for Indiana Residents and Business Owners. Get Started in Less Than 30 Seconds!

DIY Vinyl Fence in Evansville Indiana

DIY Vinyl Fences

Do you want to install your Vinyl Fences yourself? Awesome ... we can help!

Buying your fence system first, and arranging for your own installation can save you money. We help take DIY fencing to the next level thanks to ease of installation, total customization, and next generation technology. Packaged in kits, our DIY fencing represents a high quality, but cost-effective solution, for those customers with a do-it-yourself mindset.

Learn All About Our DIY Fence Program!

With ActiveYards' Glidelock technology, vinyl pickets will not blow apart with high winds. In high winds, vinyl pickets can bow and come out of the rail. To prevent that, we use ActiveYards' Stay Straight technology, which uses rail locks to lock the rails together so they will not come out of the posts. These features make vinyl fences incredibly strong while StaySquare technology fortifies the gates. Optional steel posts can be used to prevent the posts from bowing at the ground.

A wood fence has natural characteristics and beauty that most people love to look at. Wood also warps, cracks, checks, splits and rots - sometimes excessively and not what you expected. Vinyl fencing is clean, neat, and true with a lifetime warranty and will stay looking like the original install for many many years. Wood fencing needs to be stained, sealed and protected within two weeks, which can be costly. This will need to be repeated every 3 to 4 years. The cost breakeven point is in about 5 to 7 years. If you have your wood fence any longer than that, it actually is more expensive than a vinyl fence.

It depends on several items. We are very fast and efficient. Most residential projects are completed in one day with our unique installation techniques. We use a dry pack post setting method, using our own proprietary mix, enabling us to set our posts and build your fence in the same day.

We install vinyl fencing from ActiveYards manufacturing, built with beautiful, durable solutions that are cost-effective and provide you with the safety and security you need. You'll also see on our vinyl fencing page, that our Islander series is custom built by our own company in many additional designs you won't find at any other manufacturer. If you prefer the black vinyl fencing, your fence will be from Blackline HHP. All of our vinyl fencing products come in a range of designs and colors to fit every property's specific needs.
All of our vinyl fencing across the tri-state comes with a warranty. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied! We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our installations. Plus, our vinyl fencing manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties on all of their products so you can have peace of mind about the quality of fence you receive. For more details about what you'll receive, speak to our knowledgeable fence experts who can help!
Our price for vinyl fencing is not higher than any other company in the tri-state. When we come out to your property, we analyze your specific needs and wants and provide you with the features and benefits to match every aspect. All of our price structures are built around the high quality value of our product and our experienced professional services so that you know you are getting the best bang for your buck.
Yes, we do. Our ActiveYards Cambium wood grain fencing is available for special order. We highly recommend Cambium vinyl fencing if you want a durable, high security fence that looks like wood, without all the maintenance. Cambium is much more durable and offers better protection than wood fences. It closely resembles redwood, saddlewood and birchwood. This is a great alternative to installing a wooden fence on your property.
Your professionally installed fence by Mr. Fence will leave no gaps. Our high-quality vinyl fences by ActiveYards are designed to follow the grade, which leaves no gaps, for better protection for you and your loved ones.
more info about Vinyl fencing

More About Vinyl Fences

Want even more information about vinyl fences? Here it is!

Evansville Indiana Vinyl Fence Company

Vinyl Fences Offer More Privacy Or More Visibility - Your Choice!

The amount of privacy you'll get from a vinyl fence is entirely up to the home or business owner. There are customization options with vinyl fencing to accommodate every need, whether you want more privacy or maximum visibility! If you want more privacy in your backyard, you can choose a 6-foot tall, full closed vinyl fence that essentially serves as a wall between your family and the outside world

If you're putting a fence around your Vanderburgh County, IN area business and you want to maximize visibility to your property, you can choose a 4-foot picket-style vinyl fence or go with a fence that leaves space in between the panels. Whatever height and spacing you may choose, the safety and security of vinyl fences remains the same with durable fence panels, solid hinges and strong gates.

Protect your property and accentuate your building with a vinyl fence that serves a purpose.

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Splinters Are A Thing Of The Past With Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing does not splinter like wood and aluminum fences can. Splinters are no fun and can cause painful injuries and serious infections. As they age, the surface of a wooden fence becomes weak and edges become sharp and jagged. Even new wooden fences will splinter if they're exposed to stress or damage.

Aluminum fences are even worse when they age and splinter because a person can contract tetanus from shards of rusted aluminum- a very dangerous condition.

With the modern construction and technology built into vinyl fencing, families and business owners will never worry about children or pets being harmed by a splintering fence!

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