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There are multiple ways you can buy and install a fence for your property based on your preferences and the features you need.

Evansville Indiana Fence Company

Buy Locally and Install Professionally with a Full Service Fence Company.

We recommend that you order a fence through a full service local dealer and have them install it for you. This is the best and easiest option when buying a fence. At Mr. Fence, we do this type of work every day! We'll look at your space and layout, help you select the materials and style, and get your fence built how you imagined. Not only will you get a great deal but the hard work of installing a fence will be done by professionals. You won't have to lift a finger and it's well worth paying the installation fee.

Besides, your fence will cost less when you buy it through a fence company in Evansville Indiana. Local dealers like Mr. Fence have the luxury of paying lower wholesale prices and we're passing the savings along to our customers. The shipping may even be free if you order through a local dealer. Plus, the materials and labor will be covered under warranty. You'll have help every step of the way!

Buy a Fence Online.

Shopping for fences online is tricky, especially if you don't have experience with ordering materials and installing fences, but it's an option. Companies like ActiveYards provide user-friendly solutions for online shoppers. For example, a Do-It-Yourselfer can buy a fencing kit that makes it possible to install your own fence. Or, you can order fence materials online then hire a local authorized fence company in Evansville Indiana to build it for you.

Order Locally and Install Your Own Fence.

Lastly, if you need help choosing the perfect fence but you want to build it yourself, you can do that. Order through a local fence dealer to take advantage of wholesale pricing deals and skip the installation. This is the most affordable option, and a great plan for those who have what it takes to DIY. If you've never done it before, however, you're better off letting the professionals install your fence the right way so it lasts a lifetime.

Get A Free Fence Quote

No risk, no obligation fence quotes are a fingertip away with our free online fence estimator tool. If you own a property in the Evansville and are in need of a fence, check out this amazing feature to get the answers you need!

What is Your Main Purpose for a New Fence?

There are many reasons property owners in Evansville love working with the experts at Mr. Fence to put up fencing around their home or business. We specialize in high quality fencing for both homes and businesses in a wide range of scenarios all over Indiana.

Evansville Indiana residential fencing

Residential Fences in Evansville Indiana

Do you want to improve your privacy or safety? Each of our residential fences looks great and is built to last, meeting the highest standards in the industry. Each type of residential fence has its own features and benefits, and we can help you find the one that fits your exact tastes and needs.

Evansville Residential Fencing
Evansville Indiana commercial fencing

Commercial Fences in Evansville Indiana

Most businesses we come across in the Evansville area need strong security more than anything else, and we have the commercial fences to meet your needs and goals. Our commercial fences are made of high-quality materials and are built to meet the codes and requirements of your town or city's commercial zones. Talk to our fence experts about types of fencing like chain link fences to aluminum fences and everything in between to find out what your best options are to improve your security, privacy, and even curb appeal.

Evansville Commercial Fencing

Available Fence Options for Indiana Property Owners

When it comes to fences for your home or business in Evansville IN and the surrounding region, you have four primary solutions.

Evansville IN Aluminum Fences

Evansville IndianaAluminum Fences

Evansville residents appreciate aluminum fencing's elegant aesthetics and strength. Many homeowners decide to go with aluminum fences due to its open design that protects pools, pets, and children well! Our aluminum fence manufacturer offers a great warranty, too, giving you a lifetime of worry-free protection.

Evansville IN Chain Link Fences

Evansville IndianaChain Link Fences

Properties all around the Evansville area can be found with this economical fence solution. With a few different options, chain link fencing can be put up on either residential or commercial properties.

Evansville IN Vinyl Fences

Evansville IndianaVinyl Fences

You will find many vinyl fences at surrounding area properties with its durable plastic panels that won't fade in the sun or warp in the weather, like other types do. Vinyl fencing also is a great choice for those who want either a privacy or open design with many styles to choose from.

Evansville IN Wood Fences

Evansville IndianaWood Fences

Wood fencing has many functions, including for privacy, security, beauty, and being able to be modified to fit your needs. This material works well in Evansville IN and the surrounding towns to create beautiful borders and functional security and privacy for both residences and businesses.

Get A FREE Fence Estimate

Make use of our free fence estimator tool to get the quotes you need for your Evansville Indiana property. It's free to use and you can have a full quote for the options you're looking for in minutes!

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are available in Evansville Indiana in many styles, sizes, and materials, and we have a wide variety available!

Evansville Indiana wood privacy fencing

Evansville Indiana Wood Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fence in Evansville Indiana is a great choice for many different types of houses. In comparison to wood, vinyl needs far less maintenance and may be used in any climate for a very long time without showing any signs of wear and tear. Vinyl fence comes in a variety of textures and colors, and it won't fade, warp, or crack like natural materials, but it doesn't have as many color possibilities and can't be personalized quite as much. Overall, vinyl is great for all kinds of yards and may just be the perfect fence for you!

Evansville Wood Privacy Fencing
Evansville Indiana vinyl privacy fencing

Evansville Indiana Vinyl Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are a popular choice among homeowners in Evansville Indiana because of its long lifespan, low initial cost, and wide variety of available finishes. Businesses and individuals alike find this fence attractive because of its wide variety of available styles and designs in addition to its traditional, straightforward appeal. The right maintenance will extend the life of your wood fence for many years of great privacy.

Evansville Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Fence Installation Options in Evansville

Fence installation in Evansville can be done in multiple ways based on your needs and preferences. Select the option that fits best for you!

Evansville Indiana Professional Fence Installation

Evansville IndianaProfessional Installation

With all of the fences we have installed in the Evansville area, we are the contractors you can trust. Being a local company, we understand what's most important for homeowners and business owners in Evansville and the surrounding area, and are here to help you choose the best fence for your space. When it's time to have a new fence installed, our expert team is the one for the job!

Evansville Indiana DIY Fence Installation

Evansville IndianaDIY Installation

Prefer to install your own fence? No problem! We carry a wide variety of fence styles that you can choose to purchase and install on your own. Our team is dedicated to helping you have the right materials and instruction, too. Let us know how we can best support you in getting your brand new, beautiful fence!

Talk to an Expert

Our experienced team of fence professionals are happy to help answer any questions you may have about fences in the Evansville Indiana area. Reach out today to get your questions answered, gather the information you need and get a free quote!

Evansville Indiana Tailored Residential Fencing Solutions

Enhance the security, safety, privacy, or curb appeal of your Naples home with a fence from Mr. Fence.

Security Fence Example in Evansville Indiana

Security Fencing

Security fences provide enhanced Evansville residential safety while adding a stylish element to the property's exterior. Offering customizable options, these fences blend seamlessly with the landscape while ensuring optimal security for homeowners.

Security Fencing
Privacy Fence Example in Evansville Indiana

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences create intimate areas on residential properties for families to enjoy without prying eyes, fostering a sense of security and seclusion. Create private spaces where you can share cherished moments with loved ones away from the outside world.

Privacy Fencing
Pool Fence Example in Evansville Indiana

Pool Fencing

To prevent unauthorized access and enhance safety, residential pool fences are essential features that prioritize childproofing and compliance with pool safety standards. Their durable construction and customizable designs ensure functionality and visual appeal in outdoor spaces.

Pool Fencing
Decorative Fence Example in Evansville Indiana

Decorative Fencing

Residential decorative fences add elegance and refinement to the property's aesthetics, giving a sense of style and sophistication. These fences serve as design elements, increasing visual appeal and adding a layer of charm that complements the rest of the surroundings in Evansville IN.

Decorative Fencing

Depend on Our Fence Company in the Evansville Area

When you're searching for a fence company nearby, turn to the trusted professionals at Mr. Fence.

If you're searching for a reputable fence company near Evansville, Indiana, Mr. Fence is your go-to option. With only a short distance separating us and your property, our experienced fencing crew is prepared to install your new fence quickly and efficiently.

Buying a Fence Has Never Been Easier than 1-2-3

We have made it simple for people in Evansville to buy a fence. Since 2000, the Mr. Fence team has been putting up fences and is ready to help you. Shop our wide range of styles and types of fencing.

Call us and let's get started on building your fence together!

Buying a Evansville fence - Step 1

Our Fence Styles and Options

You can shop for both residential and business fences in Evansville Indiana, and think about all of your options. We only sell high-quality fencing that can stand up to the weather and climate in Evansville IN.

You can also come see us at Mr. Fence in Evansville IN, or set up a meeting with us at your home. We will do everything we can to make the whole process of building your fence easy and stress-free.

Buying a Evansville fence - Step 2

The Best Fence for your Space

With help from Mr. Fence, you can choose the materials and grades for your fence and make changes to the design. We have a lot of great fencing options for you to choose from, based on your budget and how you want your fence to work.

Our expert fence consultants can help you choose a strong, long-lasting fence that fits your project's needs.

Buying a Evansville fence - Step 3

Choose DIY or Professional Installation

Putting up a fence in Evansville IN has never been easier, whether you want to do it yourself or use our many years of experience and let us do it for you. If you do decide to install it yourself, we are here to help you if you need it.

Evansville Indiana Deck Styles

Mr. Fence is your premier fence and deck installation experts in Evansville Indiana. We understand the importance of creating a beautiful outdoor space that enhances your property's value and provides a place for you to relax and entertain; here are some of our favorite deck styles for your Evansville property.

Detached Deck Evansville Indiana

Evansville Indiana Detached Deck

A detached deck in Evansville Indiana is the perfect space for entertaining. Our team of skilled professionals will work closely with you to design and build a custom detached deck that perfectly complements your home and suits your lifestyle, providing you with a versatile space for relaxation or entertaining in Evansville Indiana.

Attached Deck Evansville Indiana

Evansville Indiana Attached Deck

Discover the perfect blend of style and convenience with an attached deck in Evansville Indiana. Our team is experienced in designing and constructing custom composite decks. Let our attached decks transform your unused outdoor space into an indoor-outdoor space where you can relax or spend quality time with loved ones.

Wraparound Deck Evansville Indiana

Evansville Indiana Wraparound Deck

Transform your outdoor living experience in Evansville Indiana with a professionally installed wraparound deck from Mr. Fence. Our skilled team of deck builders will work with you to design and create a custom wraparound deck that not only adds value to your home but also provides a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces

Multi-Tier Deck Evansville Indiana

Evansville Indiana Multi-Tier Deck

Our team of skilled craftsmen in Evansville Indiana specializes in building multi-level decks that combine functionality and elegance, creating a beautiful environment for socializing, relaxation, and enjoying your outdoor space. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship, we will turn your vision of a multi-tier deck into reality.

Learn more about decks in Evansville Indiana!

Evansville Indiana Decks

Evansville Indiana Pergolas

Our pergolas are custom designed to provide your family the space it needs for an intimate outside living area.

Evansville Indiana Pergola Installation Company

We offer a wide range of pergola styles and sizes so you can find the perfect option for your outdoor space. Our experienced team of craftsmen can customize your pergola to meet your requests, allowing you and your family to fully enjoy the Evansville Indiana weather.

Learn more about Pergolas in Evansville Indiana


Use Our Fence Estimator Tool For Free

Homeowners and business owners in the Evansville area can utilize our free online estimator tool to discover the best fence to fit their budget and needs. You can, too! Get started by clicking the link and you'll have a quote in minutes.

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When you choose to work with Mr. Fence in Indiana, you're not only getting a quality fence, but you're getting the expertise and high level of service from our staff and installers. We have the experience and the customer reviews to prove that we care about our quality of work and our customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to get your questions answered and get started towards your brand new, beautiful fence!

We're proud of the work we do, and every installation we do in Evansville and the surrounding area comes with a lifetime warranty on our installation workmanship. Also, each of our manufacturers stand behind their products and offer warranties on each of their models based on material and style. You can find out more about each one by speaking to our friendly staff who will be glad to help!

Estimates are easy to do online for free with our fence estimator tool! Simply follow the steps to measure your property line and check out all of the fence options we offer. You can also give our office a call to plan an in person estimate or answer any questions you may have in the process. We make it as easy as possible to get you what you need!

Really, the type of fence that's best for privacy depends on your style preferences and overall needs. We recommend either vinyl fences or wood fences to get full privacy in your yard. Wood fences create beauty with its natural material and can be cut and colored to match nearly any style. Vinyl fences are long-lasting and give you the border you need with hardly any need for maintenance during its lifetime. Compare your options and speak to our team for more information.

It depends, as Evansville and its municipalities each have their own set of permitting requirements. However, before you start installing your fence, we'd be glad to help you figure out what's required in Evansville and make sure you follow all the necessary steps.

Mr. Fence installs fences all across Indiana as well as areas in Kentucky and Illinois. Our main shop location is in Evansville, Indiana, where you can find our showroom and purchase materials, too. If you would like a fence from us, reach out to our team to find out what we can do for you!

Visit Our Showroom: Explore Quality Fencing Options

Discover the best fencing materials and syles at our Evansville Indiana showroom. See high-quality options up close!

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Evansville Indiana Fence Photos

Curious what we've installed in Evansville Indiana? Here's a sample!

If you need a little inspiration, or just would like to see a portfolio of our work, here's a sampling of fences we've recently installed in the Evansville area. We have many other examples that aren't listed here, so let us know if you'd like to see more! Our staff is happy to help you find ideas to help you make the choice for your perfect fence.

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